About us

About Us

It all started back in 2016 when we, Jean-Vincent, Léonard and Vincent met by chance at an art event in Singapore. Originally from France, a common adventurous spirit led us to settle in the City-State, standing at the crossroads of civilisation and culture. After getting to know each other, it appeared quickly that we also shared a passion for Art, Fashion and Travel. It naturally came out that we had to set up Ashenfeld, bringing together our French legacy with the Asian spirit, a fusion that we believe in.

Since its inception, Ashenfeld is passionate about discovery and exploration. This pioneering spirit has always inspired the brand and its vision of the society. A vision of “avant-gardiste” people pushing the boundaries and living on the edge, whatever passion they hold on to. We strongly believe that behind every success, we find a sensitive combination of hard-work, talent and determination. That’s our own Motto for Ashenfeld journey.