The Ramie is one of the oldest textile fibers that are still used in garment production. It has been grown in China for many centuries and has always been well-known for its long-durability and its silky lustre. As it also absorbs the moisture, it is specifically adapted for hot climates.


Japanese Cotton

Japanese cotton is generally considered of higher quality given it is woven on traditional Japanese looms which offers a fineness and a soft and robust weaving. For these reasons, it’s a good match to conceive a long lasting shirt.

Japanese Cotton

Cotton Twill

Twill refers to the type of weaving pattern used when constructing the fabric. It’s easy to observe in the series of diagonal and parallel ribs. Crease-resistant, twill garment is robust as well as easy to iron. It’s a natural choice for casual shorts.

Twill Cotton


The shirts we designed and manufactured at Ashenfeld are the achievement of a long journey. More than a year ago, we heard about the high-quality of garments of an « atelier » in the Saitama prefecture. With only the name as a hint, we began our quest. It was hard game but full of adventurous spirit, we decided to follow our curiosity by flying over to Japan. After some time of research, we reached it!

Because we believe in the regional savoir-faire, we wanted to use Japanese fabric assembled by Japanese hands to manufacture our shirts. And we are quite proud to offer these high quality shirts made in Japan.